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Mental Health, Self Care & Wellbeing Kits 

Taking care of your Mental Health
Everywhere !
Work,Home & School

School Bus

Mental Health First Aid Kit

Far more workers have time off due to mental health problems at work than ever do due to accidents, injuries and illnesses. 

Having a MHFA kit is one way to do this, having a proactive approach to managing stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Self Care Kits


Most homes  have a first aid kit for cuts and bruises but what about your emotional health?

Where do you go when feeling emotionally drained and finding things too much?

We have kits to help with Anxiety, Self-care & Body confidence 

Calming Kits

When children are feeling anxious and overwhelmed, it is important to help them manage those feelings.

Our Calm Kits are great for the safe space, quiet corner in schools, residential homes & therapists rooms.


Thankfully people are starting to be a lot more open about mental health, which is important as 1 in 4 of us will have a mental illness each year.

Check out our range of Mental Health Kits for the workplace & self care kits for the home.

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Access our free downloads and links to help you focus on the positives, restore your energy and calm your mind, so you feel ready to face the day and all it has to throw at you!

Links card included in the MHFA Kits too!

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