Mental Health, Self Care & Wellbeing Kits 

Most homes and workplaces have a first aid kit for cuts and bruises but what about a mental health first aid kit or self-care kit?

Where do you, your family or your staff go when feeling emotionally drained and finding things too much?

Thankfully people are starting to be a lot more open about mental health, which is important as 1 in 4 of us will have a mental illness each year. Check out our range of Mental Health Kits for the workplace & self care kits for the home.


Mental Health First Aid Kit

Far more workers have time off due to mental health problems at work than ever do due to accidents, injuries and illnesses. 

Having a MHFA kit is one way to do this, having a proactive approach to managing stress and anxiety in the workplace.

MHFA Buddy Bag


When our well-being is forgotten, it impacts on our mental health. We feel tired, worn out, and frazzled. We tend to put our needs last.

The Buddy Bag is a mental health first aid kit for yourself, filled with .

 thoughtful, inspiring and motivational treats

Anti-Anxiety Tool Kit for Kids

Comes with a range of items carefully chosen to help a child cope with anxiety


Coping Strategy Bag for Children

Comes with a range of items carefully chosen to allow the child to focus, calm down and channel negative energy elsewhere when they are feeling frustrated or angry.


Be Me! Self-Care Strength Box

Self care, whether you do it so you can help others, or simply because you recognise it matters because you matter, should be part of everyone's lives.


Be Me! Self-Care Gift  Box

A gift of self-care cards and a bag of positivity could brightens anyone's day, even your own!

Be Me! Affirmations Gift Box

Give the gift of affirmations & positivity with our Be Me gift box, bring some positivity into someone's life, maybe even yours!


Little tin of ..


From our new little tin collection the Little tin of Mindfulness is great as a gift or an addition to any staffrooms wellbeing box or MHFA kit.



Access our free downloads and links to help you focus on the positives, restore your energy and calm your mind, so you feel ready to face the day and all it has to throw at you!

Links card included in the MHFA Kits too!