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Solution Focused Coaching Cards

What is Solution Focused approach?

Solution Focused is future-focused, goal-directed, and centres on solutions, rather than on the problem. It places focus on a person's present and future circumstances and goals rather than past experiences.

It helps the individual to identify exceptions to the problem and then find possible solutions that work independently of the cause of the problem, it aims to help people experiencing difficulty find tools they can use immediately to manage symptoms and cope with challenges, is grounded in the belief that although individuals may already have the skills to create change in their lives, they often need help identifying and developing those skills.

The individual is encouraged to think of what has worked in the past, to identify possible solutions and it is hoped that these can be applied to the issue in hand. 

Our Let's talk cards ask the right questions to guide the individual in identifying these solutions.

They can be used with young people and adults.

IMG_4346 2.JPG

A set of 24 cards covering 6 areas using Solution Focused based questions. ‘Lets talk’.....


  1. Best Hopes - Questions to allow the coachee to explore their best hopes, goal or targets.

  2. How - To allow for exploration on how the coachee can reach their target

  3. Strengths - Allowing the coachee to explore strengths they have or others see in them that they may not be aware of

  4. What if - Miracle questions allowing the coachee to explore how they would feel and what others will see in them once they reach their target

  5. Now - Scaling cards to encourage the coachee to see progress and track it during sessions

  6. When - Allowing coachees to explore reaching a target, what would be different, how others would view them.


There are 4 cards to each section, use the cards to allow the coachee to explore different areas or use as a prompt to cover a particular area during a session.


They can be used in groups, 1 - 1, with adults and young people. In supervision or used by self as a tool to aid growth.

Cards are credit card sized and waterproof and robust.


Rubber backed mat to further enhance the delivery of this resource, lay the cards out and select one from each section place them on the mat to work through, great for 1-1 sessions or own personal development to enhance looking at issues in a solution focused way.


Let’s talk ©️ Solution Focused coaching cards are not to be reproduced.


Images and products are subject to copyright © Strength Cards LTD.


Using the cards for own personal development is a great tool to help work through an issue with an Solution Focused approach

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