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Language of Emotions

The Emotion Wheel is a fantastic resource to help an individual to identify emotions, grow in self-awareness & heighten emotional intelligence. (EQ) Being able to identify and label emotions is, an important step towards emotional literacy. 


We have taken the ‘I Feel - Emotional word wheel’ developed by Geoffrey Roberts & with his very kind permission, adapted it for our cards to give another way to use this powerful tool.

The wheel is used by counsellors, coaches, schools and as a way to help individuals to better describe their emotions.


There are seven core feelings. 

  1. Angry

  2. Scared

  3. Surprised

  4. Disgusted

  5. Bad

  6. Happy

  7. Sad


The front of the 7 cards hold the core emotion and descriptive emoji, on the reverse a secondary tier of words helps narrow those feelings down.

We have also added a set of 7 'I feel' cards and the 41 second tier emotion descriptors as handy tag cards, along with a guide full of activities and ideas to use the cards, worksheets and printouts.

But, we are sure this tool kit will lead you to inventing new ways to explore emotions with young people. 

Did we mention the cards are waterproof too!

And now added 2022, 2 wheel of Emotions Mat's to further enhance facilitating this model.

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