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Self Care & Wellbeing Kits 

Self Care Kits


Most homes  have a first aid kit for cuts and bruises but what about your emotional health?

Where do you go when feeling emotionally drained and finding things too much?

We have kits to help with Anxiety, Self-care & Body confidence 

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Taking care of your Mental Health

YOU Matter!

Self Care Kits are handy to have nearby for when you need to remind yourself

 YOU are strong

 YOU are capable

YOU are worthy!

Thankfully people are starting to be a lot more open about mental health, which is important as 1 in 4 of us will have a mental illness each year.

Having your own MHFA kit at home should be as commonplace as having a first aid kit, if you cut your finger you’d grab a plaster, if you’re feeling low, bruised & battered by daily life you need to be able to respond to that emotion.


Our Calming kit contains the following;


*7 days of positivity key fob ~ take positivity with you everywhere. ( please note the new key fob is supplied )


*Candle and holder ~ relax by candlelight in the bath or watch the patterns the flame makes to help relax.


*Bubble wand ~ Blowing negative thoughts away & watching them pop can be so satisfying


*Post it notes & pen ~ write down negative thoughts & then screw them up and throw them away.


*Breathing exercise card ~ 5 minutes spent regulating your breathing and sitting in peace & quiet can help restore calm.


*Finger spinner ~ when we are stressed we fidget! ( colour may vary to that shown)


*2 Mindfulness Exercise cards ~ 2 different mindfulness activity cards.


*A pet squishy ~ to love, pummel or pull, a stress ball with a difference, squishy may vary to one shown, which pet will you get?


*Be happy, Bee wish bracelet, wear daily as a reminder to be yourself & be happy. 🐝


*A flyer ~ with info on handy help available for a range of issues that could be affecting you.


* A links download card ~ giving instant access via a smart phone to our online resource page that contains downloads & links to resources to help, music on Spotify* to meditate too & advice on managing stress.


A Spotify account ( not included ) will be needed to access music links.


* Ensure candle is used under adult supervision & not left unattended or with children.




Access our free downloads and links to help you focus on the positives, restore your energy and calm your mind, so you feel ready to face the day and all it has to throw at you!

Links card included in the MHFA Kits too!

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