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Kids Doing Homework

Children and young people deal daily with issues such as *bullying, parental stress, or separation, problems with peers , moving house or school.

Positive Affirmations add an opportunity to create positive thinking, and teach children positive self awareness, confidence and give them the opportunity to recognise their own strengths.

It is important to encourage the child to use the cards daily and continue with them long term, as this will strengthen the affirmations.

Positive affirmations create empowerment, insight and growth that will assist them with their  journey in adulthood. With self confidence and self awareness they will be less likely to be emotionally unhappy, involved in substance misuse, easily swayed by peers, be vulnerable to grooming, CSE, Cyber bullying 

Used by schools, counsellors, mental health teams , Hospitals, teachers and parents. 

Suitable for children from 3yrs ( they can be used with  younger children who cannot yet read, by simply reading the statements to them )


* read our blog published by the anti bullying alliance 

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