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Concerned about how to dispose of your no longer needed Strength Cards?

Our cards are made from PVC, a durable and tough material , making them ideal for Educational setting's, heavy daily use  and made to last for years, certainly not a  'Single Use' plastic, however we are aware nothing lasts for ever, they may get damaged and will need disposing of safely.



Send them to an ID Card Recycling Centre or back to us for secure recycling.


We use a secure plastic card recycling centre  to recycle any cards misprinted or damaged during our manufacturing process. 

  • Materials are primarily recycled or used as 'waste for energy', not sent to landfill

  • The  waste materials are used for recycling into plastic garden furniture, drain pipes and other PVC goods.  Any material that isn't recyclable is used as 'waste for energy'.


How does it work?

  1. Package them up and post them to us using this address label.  we will cover the cost of recycling.

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