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Animal Yoga Cards for Children

Yoga helps kids to:

  • Develop body awareness

  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way

  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement

  • Build concentration

  • Increase their confidence and positive self-image

  • Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group

  • Have an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices

  • Helps a child self-regulate


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What is Self-Regulation?

Self-regulation is having the ability to demonstrate appropriate behavioural and sensory responses to what's going on in the environment around us, having  the ability to demonstrate self control: to monitor and control behaviour, attention, motor output, emotions, and social interactions.


How do exercises help self regulation

These yoga based exercises help the child if practiced regularly, they offer simple, effective actions that enable children to build self-regulation.

They are not only for those times when it’s clear, from the emotional state your child(ren) are in, that no amount of yelling, cajoling, or threatening is going to help, but also for everyday slowing, settling, supporting, and resetting of your child’s mind-body state/nervous system. 

Yoga poses help children head-off the out-of-control, melt-downs before they takes over by giving them physical tools they can use to self-care.

Always follow our Yoga tips

How Can You Tell if Your Child is Struggling With Self-Regulation?

Children who are having difficulty with self-regulation may:

-Act overly silly or “out of control”

-Have tantrums or meltdowns

–Struggle with transitions between activities

-Have difficulty waiting or taking turns

-Struggle with being in close proximity to others (e.g. circle time)

-Demonstrate problems during social interactions (e.g. talking too loud,

standing too close, touching others)

-Have difficulty walking or waiting in line

-Move too quickly or with too much force

-Grab or touch objects impulsively

So why use our cards?

Our cards are credit card size, ideal for little hands, they are waterproof and durable, ideal for sticky fingers! there  are 15 different animal poses, kept in a small jute bag, let the child play lucky dip over which exercise to do. A minute timer is included with each order.

Ideal for yoga classes, teachers and group work with young children. 

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