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Our resource sets give you the opportunity to purchase 3 sets together at a discounted price, the majority of the resource sets for young people are supplied with a facilitator guide.

We are adding Digital resources to accompany our physical cards, if the digital resource is available it will be supplied free of charge with the physical cards when ordered. See our Digital resource page for ones currently available.


If you're  delivering PSED (Personal, Social & Emotional Development ) with children then our wide range of resources which meet all 3 aspects of PSED is an essential tool kit addition.

  • Self confidence and self awareness 

  • Managing feelings and behaviour

  • Making relationships

Delivering PSHE with young people? our resources help deliver the 3 core themes 

  • Health and Well-being 

  • Relationships

  • Living in the Wider World

All our cards are waterproof & durable. To purchase individual card sets visit our shop

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