Resource Set 1 - Conversation Cards - What Can I Control - Rainbow Meditation
  • Resource Set 1 - Conversation Cards - What Can I Control - Rainbow Meditation

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    24 Conversation Cards ~ These cards act as prompts to conversation, putting questions which are serious in content, some humorous, and others requiring an inventive, creative response. They can be used between two people only - or within a larger group. There are no right or wrong answers and, if participants engage in the process with a spirit of openness and respect for each other, there is the possibility of developing listening and talking skills in an enjoyable way.~~~~~~~~~~~~What Can I Control This activity helps children identify whether something is within their control or not, which can be useful for kids with anxiety, anger, lack of focus, motivation, or other social & emotional concerns.20 Example Cards (10 can controls and 10 can't controls)1 I can Control card1 I cannot Control  ~~~~~~~~~~~~Set of 9 Rainbow Meditation Cards The rainbow contains the seven rays of light on the earth plane, that also relates to the seven chakras in the human body. Each ray has certain spiritual qualities that relate to love and light. As we ascend over time, we begin to embody more rays into our consciousness and our chakras also increase. The story of finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is symbolic of finding one’s spiritual treasures after integrating the seven rays. Each card has a meditation excercise on the reverse.Facilitators notes sent via email once order has been processed and despatched.

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