• Resource set 3 - calm cards - Animal Strength cards - Character cards

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    Set of 3 of our best sellers.
    Children will love these calm cards with 20 positive affirmations on waterproof & durable pvc cards. 
    Use these as a tool to help kids calm down, focus, boost confidence, or relax.pop them in a "calm corner” in your your classroom. 
    Use them at home, use them in group or 1-1 session work.
    Plus12 Animal Strength Cards 12  Cards for younger child to use in 1-1 or group excercise to help awareness of strengths.
    Plus24 Character Strength Cards 24 cards for young children to use to explore strengths, ideal for 1-1 or group work.
    Facilitator guide not provided with calm cards or animal strength cards. 
    Cards are pvc not paper and are waterproof & durable.

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