EQ Buzz Cards ~ Solution Focused Coaching
  • EQ Buzz Cards ~ Solution Focused Coaching

    A set of 24 cards covering 6 areas using Solution Focused based questions.  Lets talk about ..... Best Hopes -  Questions to allow the coachee to explore their best hopes, goal or targets.	How -  To allow for exploration on how the coachee can reach their target	Strengths - Allowing the coachee to explore strengths they have or others see in them that they may not be aware of	What if - Miracle questions allowing the coachee to explore how they would feel and what others will see in them once they reach their target	Now - Scaling cards to encourage the coachee to see progress and track it during sessions	When - Allowing coachees to explore reaching a target, what would be different, how others would view them. There are 4 cards to each section, use the cards to allow the coachee to explore different areas or use as a prompt to cover a particular area during a session.  They can be used in groups, 1 - 1, with adults and young people. or used by self as a tool to aid growth. Cards are credit card sized and waterproof and robust.

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