Can I Control this ?
  • Can I Control this ?

    The ‘Can I control this’ set allows the child to look at different scenario’s & discuss the outcomes, the impact of behaviour on self & others. 
    Laying the cards down allow the child to choose a card and decide whether to place it with the ‘I can control this’ card or the ‘I cannot control this’ card, then discuss their choices.
    Taking the  ‘what others think of me’ card as an example - although they do not have direct control over what others think about them, their behaviour can affect others impressions and thoughts about them, so this card can lead to an exploration on their behaviour and its impact on others. 
    20 x Statement Cards 
    1 x I can Control card
    1 x I cannot Control Card
    Plus free digital can I control this interactive cards download. 
    Facilitator notes & digital download are supplied with this set and are sent via email once order has been processed and despatched.

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