Mental Health First Aid Kit
  • Mental Health First Aid Kit

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    Mental Health First Aid Kit for the Workplace or home ~ Life can be demanding, there’s a risk of forgetting about our own well-being. But when our well-being is forgotten, it impacts on our mental health. We feel tired, worn out, & frazzled. Our Mental Health First Aid Kit is ideal for home or workplace.


    Having a MHFA kit nearby for your employees to use shows you care about their emotional well-being. Our kit comes in a durable & Water resistant bag Approx. Size: 24cm x 12cm and contains the following;

    • *A tin of 20 self-care tips.

    This Little Tin is small but powerful, holding 20 self care tips on how to avoid stress in the workplace & gaining a work - home life balance. The Tin itself is approx 10x5 mm and the cards are 5x4mm each. Cards are waterproof & durable.

    • *2 Bubble wands ~ Blowing negative thoughts away & watching them pop can be so satisfying
    • *Post it notes & pen ~ write down negative thoughts & then screw them up and throw them away.
    • *Mini puzzle Cube ~ To distract the mind and occupy it with trying to outwit the cube.
    • *Breathing exercise card ~ 5 minutes spent regulating your breathing and sitting in peace & quiet can help restore calm.
    • *Tissues ~ sometimes all we need are tissues and a kind word.
    • *Finger spinner ~ when we are stressed we fidget! ( colour may vary to the one shown)
    • *5 Mindfulness Exercise cards ~ 5 different mindfulness activity cards that can be carried out at your desk.
    • *A flyer ~ with info on handy help available for a range of issues that could be affecting your workforce. *A links & download card ~ giving instant access via a smart phone to our online resource page that contains downloads & links to resources to help, music on Spotify* to mediate too and advice on managing stress. A Spotify account ( not included ) will be needed to access music links.

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