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Be Me! 🐝 Bag of Self-Care Positivity
  • Be Me! 🐝 Bag of Self-Care Positivity


    These little bags of positivity make a lovely small gift to add to a larger gift or as a small reminder that you want somone to take some self care.


    Be Me

    A bag of positivity just for you,

    to help on days when you feel blue

    Filled with things to help banush the grumps

    Lift you up when down in the dumps.


    Each bag contains


    A mini 15gram soap to wash away the blues


    2 mini bath bombs to fizz life into you.


    2 bath bombs suppplied in their own gorgeous Organza bag chosen at random, from a selection of the following.

    Almond milk, white musk, lemon, mango, passion fruit, cherry, raspberry, dewberry, jasmine, strawberry, lime, peppermint, rose, lavender, bubblegum, coconut, Passion & Pink Grapefruit.


    A magnet to remind you when you open the fridge door


    A pet squishy to love or pummel and pull


    Squeeze the pet squishy, and it helps anxiety, soft silicone, it's stretchy and sticky. pet chosen at random.


    A bubble wand to blow away negativity


    Bag Material: Cotton/Jute

    keep items out of reach of children, these are not toys.