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Animal Breath Cards (photo version)
  • Animal Breath Cards (photo version)

    A set of our popular breath cards with gorgeous photos of animals, this set will look good on your desk or at home.
    10 different animal themed breathing techniques to help calm & focus, some are probably best used at home, roaring like a lion or hooting like an owl in the office might make your colleagues jump! :)
    Benefits of Breathing Exercises for Adults
    Decreases stress.
    Reduces anxiety.
    Helps you to remain calm.
    Strengthens sustained attention.
    Sharpens the ability to focus.
    Slows the heart rate.
    Lowers blood pressure.
    Helps to control your emotions.
    Increased Self-awareness
    Encourages happiness.
    Please note Set supplied the Perspex holder,the wooden or mesh one can be purchased as an add on to set the gorgeous photos off.

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