8 Emoji Emotion Cards
  • 8 Emoji Emotion Cards

    8 Emoji Emotion cards ·	Fear ·	Anger ·	Sadness ·	Joy ·	Disgust ·	Surprise ·	Trust ·	AnticipationEach card has an Emoji on the front, the young person is asked to choose a card and on the reverse is an exercise for them to complete. Or lay the cards down and ask the young person to choose a card that shows an emotion that they have difficulty with. please note 3 of the cards involve interactive exercises which you will need items for, these are not provided. Surprise - You will need a non-see through bag of various items, soft, hard, metal, plastic for the child to feel and explore the textures and guess the item. Sad - you will need a small jar, water and some glitter.The child will add the contents together to experience emotions mixing and then clearing once settled and calm. Anticipation - You will need a bell or whistle, something to make a noise, that they will hear with their eyes closed to experience anticipation. 8 Emoji Emotion cardsFacilitators notes sent via email once order has been processed and despatched. 

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