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The benefit of using a Solution Focused approach in own continuing personal development

Solution-focused therapy is a brief therapy approach that focuses on finding solutions rather than identifying the problems. This therapy involves the individual who wants to work on self-improvement and personal development by setting small goals, develop skills and utilise their strengths in achieving their desired outcomes.


1. Reduced Stress: Solution-focused therapy helps the individual to focus on the small successes they have made. The focus is shifted from the negative to the positive which will reduce the stress caused by a sense of failure and negativity.

2. Problem-Solving Skills: This approach highlights the strengths of the individual and makes them understand their weaknesses. Through problem-solving skills, the individual can learn how to identify the problems, assess the situation and find solutions to the challenges.

3. Improved Self-Confidence: Solution-focused therapy boosts the confidence of an individual. They may have struggled with change, but using Solution Focused approach helps them to identify their strengths, which can be used to make progress.

4. Improved Relationships: Through better communication and conflict resolution, solution-focused helps in improving relationships. This is achieved by working on the individual's listening skills, empathy, and non-judgmental attitude.

5. Self-Discovery: Solution-focused helps the individuals to recognise and explore different aspects of themselves, such as needs and desires that they may have overlooked before.

Research Findings:

Studies have shown that solution-focused therapy can benefit people with diverse psychological and emotional issues. However, its effectiveness depends heavily on individuals' willingness and commitment to the therapy process. Clients who actively participate and stay engaged in therapy are more likely to achieve better outcomes.

In a research study by Kim Inyoung and colleagues, solution-focused therapy helped reduce symptoms of depression and improve the quality of life of depressed patients. Another study by Francois Ducasse and colleagues showed that solution-focused therapy helped in reducing symptoms of anxiety disorders.


Solution-focused therapy is a valuable tool for personal development that emphasises resourcefulness, optimism, and possibility. It enhances the individual's strengths by focusing on the solution rather than on the problem. Through this positive approach, and with the help of a mental health professional, individuals can learn how to navigate life's challenges effectively, making significant strides in their personal growth and development.

Using our Solution Focused Coaching cards for your own personal development can help you to focus on the successes you have made previously, remind you of the strengths you used before and can use again. They can help you to look at areas of improvement, your best hopes and how to achieve them.

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