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February - Make it time to start Self-love & self-care

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

During the month of February many people celebrate Love, the act of being in love and of showing their love for another.

On Valentine's Day, children make and give cards to classmates at school, lovers exchange gifts, flowers and chocolates, but what we often forget is to actually look at ourselves and give the most person that’s is the most important person to you some self-love & self-care.

Aristotle once said, "the most important relationship we can all have, is the one you have with yourself..." So, this is the month of all months to step back from focusing on others at the cost of focusing on your own physical and emotional well being.

To get you started we’re giving you 3 tiny steps to take,


Be kind to yourself, take up that activity you’ve been promising yourself, listen to music, go for long walks, meet a friend for coffee.

Do some pampering self-care ( the Be Me Self-care kits help with this! )

You treat others with kindness, now it’s time to treat yourself the same way.


We all make mistakes! To err is human to forgive devine.

Sometimes we slip back into old habits, we choose the chocolate over the carrot, we make promises to ourselves that we find easier to break than keep too. Sometimes we find ourselves doubting our capabilities and strengths and find ourselves getting annoyed at our lack of self-worth ( the mini jar of positive affirmations is a handy daily reminder to have around you)

Tomorrow is another day, The carrots can wait!


Take a moment each day to complete a mindfulness exercise, find a quiet place where you can think.

Our 7 Days of Mindfulness cards have a card for each day with 2 mindfulness exercises on each card.

Taking this moment each day gives you the opportunity to refresh and reenergise.

Enjoy February, enjoy the love that is all around and make sure you take time for self-care. ❤️

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