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Sensory Bags

Our Sensory Bags give children the strategies and confidence to be able to manage their stress and anxiety on their own.

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Before introducing your child to the Buddy Bag and its contents, sit down with them and discuss what signs show them that they are anxious, empower them by telling them that you believe in them & think that they can learn strategies from the tool kit to help them cope with their own stress. 

Introduce the kit to them, explain its contents and how each item may be used when they start to feel anxious.

Let them know that there may be times when they try one item in the kit and it doesn’t seem to help them, but that there are lot of other things they can try.

All of the items and ideas in the kit should be practiced with an adult a number of times before the child should try them on their own. Until a child feels confident about their ability to reduce their anxiety themselves, offer help and assistance if they need it.

Offer encouragement and praise, but avoid the temptation to suggest which tool they should use unless you see their anxiety increasing and it is obvious that they need assistance.

All Our Little Tin of  are also available as a stand alone purchase.

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