Emoji Positive Affirmations Cards- SC

30 Positive Affirmations for children and  young peoplee suitable for ages 8 and upwards, these cards are designed to help self esteem and self awareness, by repeating the affirmations on the cards the child or young person can build their confidence.


The emojis with a character can be personalised to the childs ethnicity, please select during the check out prcoess

1-Red Head Skin Tone

2- Light Skin Tone

3- MediumLight Skin Tone

4-Medium Skin Tone

5- Medium Dark Skin Tone

6- Dark Skin Tone


Supplied in Glass Jar (recommended for ages 12 and over or dependent on the child)

Jute Bag - Pink, Blue, Natural


Not for children under 3 due to small parts

Emoji icons supplied under licence by EmojiOne


Retail price £15.00 each - 


Partner Price - 

1 unit retail £15.00 - Partner £14.50

5 units retail £75 - Partner £70.00 (£14 per unit eqivilant)

10 units retail £150.00 - Partner £135.00 (£13.50 per unit eqivilant)

30 units retail £450 - Partner £390.00 (£13.00 per unit eqivilant)

100 units retail £1,500 - Partner £1,250.00 (£12.50 eqivilant)


Your order can be a mix of gender, ethnicity and packing please specify clearly as follows 

10 female - ethnicity 1 - pink bag - 


You own logo can be added to the bag or Jar tag please upload this in your partner area, ensure it is jpeg and good quality. 

  • Advisory notice

    Not suitable for children under the age of 3 due to small parts, glass jar option advised for older children 12 plus. 

Number of Units

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