Coping Strategy Bag For children

Coping Strategy Bag For children

Comes with a range of items carefully chosen to allow the child to focus, calm down and channel negative energy elsewhere when they are feeling frustrated or angry.
 Includes the following;​
A handy Jute bag to carry their calm kids kit in.
Animal breathing technique key fob, with 10 exercises to help a child self-regulate or calm cards key fob.
Note book to doodle in
Bendy pencil Colouring pencil
Spinning top
Fidget toy
Slinky Glow Tube
Squishy Pet
2 post cards

Choose from the calm card key fob or the animal Breath technique cards key fob. 

Should be used under adult supervision, ensure child is aware items are toys not edible items, be aware of sharp points (pencils / colouring pencils) 
be aware that glow stick flashes if your child is light sensitive please advise and this will be removed from the pack.

Strength Cards accepts no liability arising from the misuse of items or lack of supervision.

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